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Imperfect Yet Do What U Can Joins Fight Against Human Trafficking, Awards Grant to IGTBOK

[Dallas, Texas, January 19, 2023] A partnership between two organizations that vow to improve the lives of women, children, and the vulnerable have joined forces to help those who have lived through the grueling nightmare of human trafficking in rebuilding meaningful lives.

Imperfect Yet Do What U Can [Imperfect], which provides grants to worthy non-profits that endeavor to bring growth and sustainability to disadvantaged women and children, has chosen It's Going To Be OK! [IGTBOK] as this year’s grant recipient. The partnership will be celebrated at the annual IGTBOK Hope and Pearls Gala on Saturday, January 21.

Greta Canfield, Founder of Imperfect, is passionate about human trafficking happening in our midst, “I was molested, and I don’t want any other young girl or woman going through that because it stays with you. Trafficking goes beyond simple molestation and torments young girls who can lose their identities.” “Tonya’s commitment and approach to help young people and move them into a safe place is extremely personal to her,” says Cynthia Rodgers, Imperfect’s President, “she is very hands-on.”

The very hands-on Tonya is none other than Dr. Tonya Stafford, Founder and CEO of IGTBOK. A survivor who was sold at 14 in exchange for money and drugs, she was continually raped and forced to live with her attacker for ten years. After giving birth to three children, a neighbor finally came to her aid and she is now doing all she can to save others. “Not only am I surviving, I’m thriving” says Dr. Stafford. Possessing a remarkable story of fortitude and determination, she started reaching back to save others in her own unique way. IGTBOK provides direct services to human trafficking survivors, many times actively searching for them and rescuing them from their abductors. With safe houses throughout the greater Dallas area, the team at IGTBOK wants to give trafficking victims their futures back.

The annual Hope and Pearls Gala is a primary fundraiser supporting the initiatives of the IGTBOK organization, which includes a resource center for assisting in outreach rescue efforts with state and local governments. “The world we live in today exposes our teen girls to so much” adds Greta Canfield. “Imperfect is grateful that our teen volunteer interns, the Imperfettes, have the opportunity to participate in the gala to gain a sense of awareness. They are at the prime age targeted by traffickers. We want to provide them with the information to take precautionary measures.”


The Hope and Pearls Gala is intentionally held during January, recognized as Texas Human Trafficking Awareness Month and National Human Trafficking Prevention Month Imperfect Yet Do What U Can is a 501c3 organization serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area If you would like more information, please call Cynthia Rodgers at 214.212.1091 or email

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1 Comment

Cynthia Rodgers
Cynthia Rodgers
Feb 11, 2023

This was a great opportunity to see all the amazing work that IGTBOK does in our community!❤️

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