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Who We Are

Imperfect as we are, there is always a service we can perform for Christ, others and ourselves - no matter how big or small.  Imperfect Yet...Do What U Can is a women's outreach organization in the greater Dallas, Texas area that brings together women (and men) who love God, from all walks of life, to encourage each to do what they can.

Mark 14:8 describes the woman with the jar of expensive oil she used to unknowingly anoint Christ in preparation for his funeral.  The disciples wanted to throw her out for being wasteful of the expensive oil, yet they were commanded by Christ to leave her alone, saying "She has done all she could do."  Clearly, we are being taught that it's not the big things, it's using what you have and doing all you can do. 

Imperfect's major initiative is an annual women's fellowship conference. Now in our 13th year, our event has become "the event" in which we all come together and get renewed by the powerhouse of positive energy our dynamic speakers and their testimonies bring to that day.  


Annually, we select and support another local non-profit women's organization with a grant and we partner with them for a full year to enhance their organization. 

Our upcoming 2024 Conference date is Saturday, September 14th, 2024.  

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Imperfect Yet Board Members

Cynthia Rodgers - President 

Jan Richardson - President Emeritus

Zakia Inyang - Vice President 

Roxie Witt - Secretary, Sponsorship, & Registration

Saundre Henderson - Bible Studies  

Greta Canfield - Treasurer 

Regenia Douglas - Fundraising, Silent Auction

Shirley Dillard - Silent Auction  

Cydnee Stinson - Website Administration, Social Media, and Registration  

Greta Canfield - Founder

Be a part of the vision!

Imperfect Yet Do What U Can is a 501(c)3 organization and all donations are tax-deductible.

Our Mission

Leading women into a more fulfilling relationship with Christ; doing what you can in service for the purpose of Kingdom building by utilizing the gifts provided by God.

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