IYDWUC Women's Fellowship Conference 

The 11th Annual Women's Conference will be held on

Saturday, September 10, 2022.  

Our conferences include speakers-testimonials, fitness segments, spiritual growth and development, wisdom, and knowledge shared amongst women of all ages. We will continue sponsoring our current grant recipient until summer 2022 when our 2023 grant recipient is announced.

The 11th annual Women's Fellowship Conference Theme

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Introducing the
2021 Grant Recipient

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Speaker SPotlight


Minister Regenia Douglas

I have a great passion, that everyone will walk in their call that has been predestined for them and understand their call is like a fingerprint.


the call is specific to each individual.


With this understanding, one can bypass most traps of negative emotions, and walk in the benefits of the fruits of the spirit.


Loving others with the love you have for yourself is the foundation of all the fruits.


Kahla La Plante

Kahla is passionate about her Ministry, Teaching the Word of God, and Empowering Women Personally, Professionally, and Spiritually.


She is always grateful when others grow from any area of development that she engages in sharing.


It makes her feel rejuvenated and ready to learn more so that she can share more.


She has published a book called “Don’t Let Your Fruit Rot!”. This book offers spiritual growth in discovering your spiritual gift(s), understanding what they are, and purposely using them to Glorify God.


This is a ‘must read’ for all and a great small group bible study for the spiritual growth of members, ministry workers, and leaders.

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Aelicia "Chocolate" Watson

Being a young teen mom has made me the woman I am today. I was determined to break the cycle of generational teen pregnancy, but also, having a child made me rise up to beat the odds.

Past conferences

1st Annual Women's Conference


September 8, 2012

The grant recipient was Grandparents Raising Grandchilden.

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