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What's The Tea? A Sneak Peek into the 9th Annual Conference

Afternoon Tea, Low Tea, High Tea

What do these three historical events have in common?

Women gathering to talk about things that may go on in the current world today,

conspiring to take over the world around them,

and recently, to gather in fellowship.


2020 has been memorable for Imperfect Yet with a website revamp, hosting our very first baby shower for grant recipient Viola's House, starting our blog, providing food to a local hospital with great local businesses, and to close out our annual year we are hosting our first virtual conference, Tea & Testimonies.

For those that are new to our organization and even those that have been to one or maybe all of our conferences prior, Imperfect Yet Do What U Can hosts an annual women's fellowship conference.

Our conference themes, over the years, have been different each time. Powerful messages spanning 'Abuse', 'Only God can calm your storm', and 'Fellowship is an action word', are examples of the vision behind Imperfect Yet.

This year's theme is.....

For this year's conference, we have two amazing speakers who definitely are Purpose Driven Women.


I am Starlene Stringer.

Entertaining, Inspiring, Encouraging!

I am inspired by successful entrepreneurs. If they can accomplish their goals, so can we!

I am Veleka Slocum.

Caring, Compassionate, and Encourager!

I am most passionate about helping hurting people heal as well as inspiring women to be brave, blissful, and beautiful!

Along with these fabulous speakers we have officially chosen our 2020 grant recipient.

{ Mission }

Transforming women to lead independent lives by building relationships and addressing their spiritual, physical, and vocational needs.

Founded by the inspirational Aelicia "Chocolate" Watson, this organization was perfect as this year's grant recipient as it is founded by a purpose-driven woman, and the board members that are seated in this organization are also purpose-driven women, working to help other women in their community.


To spice up this year's conference we have included a healthy kitchen competition! Which officially closes in the next few days! We have so many entries already and our judges are whipping up these recipes in their kitchens searching for the top 3!

If you have an award-winning coffee or tea recipe please send it in as soon as possible to be in the running for one of our prizes!


Registration is still open for the 9th Annual Women's Fellowship Conference: Tea & Testimonies! Click the link provided and it will take you directly to the registration page. Sign-up is free and to participate in this year's conference, ask questions shared live with our speakers, and possibly submit your testimony.

Interested in donating? The grant recipient fundraiser is still active. You can donate on our Facebook page and on our website.

If you are on the go, we will definitely be streaming live on Instagram and Facebook in real-time during the conference. The links to our pages will be provided as well.


Thank you for checking out this exclusive sneak peek into this year's conference. IYDWUC is excited to host this year's conference virtually and excited to see you this Saturday, September 12th, 2020!

Signing Off, this has been another edition of

CHICK CHAT brought to you from IYDWUC Headquarters!

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