Light the Match with Jasmin Dice as we Escape with Scents of Redolence Ess.


Hey, Y'all! Chick Chat is here to introduce you to the newest edition of... Emerging Figures!


Today's Emerging Figure is a young woman with a passion for scents, we at CHICK CHAT have the scoop on the launch of

Redolence Essentials Candle Co.

Small Business created by Jasmin Dice


Jasmin Dice is a college graduate from Stephen F. Austin. She closed out 2019 with a promotion at her job, Enterprise, and relocated from Nacogdoches to Tyler, Tx.

Fast-forwarding to 2020, Redolence Essentials had been under construction, and Jasmin worked day and night to bring her passion to life.

On April 4th, at 4:44 pm, Redolence Essentials Candle Co. came to life with a fabulous start! Releasing its first collection focused on Chakras.